Turn DDoS challenge into opportunity for CSPs

Faced with evolving DDoS attack patterns and tactics that are more difficult to detect and mitigate, communications service providers (CSPs) are presented with a dilemma. Should they just pass on the attack traffic, knowingly or unknowingly, to the victim customer?

Rather than a reactive approach, the CSP ought to take a more proactive stance against DDoS attacks. A scalable, automated DDoS mitigation deployment could prevent CSPs from losing customers and revenue, deliver on the uptime pledge, and help protect CSPs' business reputation.



To bring down a CSP infrastructure, the most direct way is using volumetric network attack. While it sounds as straightforward as it seems to be, we found that attackers nowadays tend to mount network attacks bit by bit, in a sneaky, piecemeal way, in attempts to bypass the detection of CSPs. That said, the more bandwidth and the bigger IP pool a CSP has, the more room it has for channeling attacks into the network and towards customers. As a consequence, when an CSP expands its network, so does the threat of DDoS.