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The Pros & Cons of Self-administered BGP Diversion

The Pros & Cons of Self-administered BGP Diversion

Should network owners count on third parties - and in this case Nexusguard - in provisioning for and executing network traffic route diversions? That’s not a loaded question. While we absolutely possess the experience and hands-on skills the network owner can trust, many network owners may still ..

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    Turn DDoS challenge into opportunity for CSPs

    Faced with evolving DDoS attack patterns and tactics that are more difficult to detect and mitigate, communications service providers (CSPs) are presented with a dilemma. Should they just pass on the attack traffic, knowingly or unknowingly, to the victim customer? Rather than a ... Learn More

    DDoS Survival Guide

    DDoS attacks could come in various forms that debilitate your entire national internet infrastructure and lead to severe aftermath. Almost anyone can fall victim to a DDoS attack but not everyone know how to defend it. Read our DDoS Survival Guide to help you and your team to ... Learn More

    Understanding Mitigation for Modern DDoS Attacks

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    The Omnipresence of IoT Poses Unprecedented Challenges for Cybersecurity

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves and expands into different territories of daily life, the potential surface for DDoS attacks—sometimes combined with infiltration attempts—is growing exponentially. As these devices are generally designed with lightweight security, ... Learn More

    The Hidden Danger Behind DDoS Attacks

    As DDoS attacks continue to evolve in scale, frequency and sophistication, they are increasingly used to disguise more serious forms of cybercrime. The financial services sector is a prime target of DDoS attacks, as witnessed by a series of high profile hits on major Wall Street ... Learn More
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