Move up the cybersecurity value chain

Over the last decade, DDoS attack has evolved to become one of the biggest cyber threats to network infrastructure, causing more service outages than ever. Because of their large attack surface, communications service provider (CSP) networks are often the prime target for network-layer attacks, so that attackers could tunnel junk traffic to their downstream customers. Therefore, CSP networks are best placed to establish network attack detection and mitigation.



This whitepaper first looks at the legacy methods some CSPs are clinging to and why they fail to detect and mitigate modern-day DDoS attacks. We then look at what is holding CSPs back from moving DDoS defense to cloud. Finally, we discuss the benefits and cost savings of outsourcing DDoS protection to a specialized managed security service provider (MSSP) like Nexusguard, and how it helps CSPs transform into an integrated service provider.