25 April, 2022

Developing competitive edge in a world of automated cybersecurity

How to win by putting back the human touch in the efficient but cold and unfeeling world of AI-powered automation. Think back to the last time you spotted a suspicious or unfamiliar transaction on your credit card bill. Chances are you got on the phone with your bank, anxious ...
28 October, 2021

CybersecAsia readers recognize Asia Pacific’s leaders in cybersecurity

The 2nd CybersecAsia Awards honors Asia Pacific’s leaders in cybersecurity for the critical roles played and the huge advances and innovations made over the last two years.
30 March, 2021

Security alert! How ready are telcos to meet 5G cybersecurity challenges?

Communications service providers (CSPs) across Asia Pacific need to prepare themselves to plug the cybersecurity gaps and mitigate against the risks of the 5G world. Now that remote working has become a norm, connectivity has become indispensable – but also ever more vulnerable. ...
11 November, 2020

CSPs Need to Adopt Smarter Ways to Combat Evolving DDoS Attacks

Donny Chong is the Product Director at Nexusguard. He is responsible for designing the company’s solutions for the enterprise. His broad ten-year tenure includes both the technology and telecommunications industries. Chong designed the Nexusguard channel program and built global ...
2 October, 2020

Q2 saw a 570% jump in Bit-and-Piece DDoS attacks

Cybercriminals have reportedly shifted tactics amidst heightened awareness during the pandemic. They have been shifting to bit-and-piece attacks to launch various amplification attacks and elaborate UDP-based attacks to flood target networks with traffic. According to the new ...
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