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Magic Beans Calls on Nexusguard for Anti-DDoS Protection Following Black Friday Mayhem

“You can’t stop every attack, but we no longer have to worry about being killed by one.”


The Boston-based, omni-channel retailer’s online business was rattled by a series of cyber attacks on the very first day of the 2014 holiday season. Nexusguard delivered maximum protection and peace of mind during the busiest shopping days of the year — and beyond.

“A day that will live in infamy”

Imagine: Black Friday, a make-or-break day for retailers. Magic Beans,a leading online purveyor of baby gear and toys suddenly found itself inundated by a series of DDoS attacks flooding the site. In bursts, the premeditated attacks would bring down the site and then dissipate — just as the data center engineers were starting to investigate the incident. The on-again, off-again nature of the attacks essentially prevented mitigation with their existing resources. “The excitement that came with the start of our busiest season was shot, and so were several hours of sales,” Steven Laff, Head of Technology, explained as he reflected back on “our own day that will live in infamy”

Website vulnerability unleashes a flood of bad traffic

Literally minutes before the DDoS attack the tech team discovered someone trying to hack the site through the code for a seldom-used feature. As a precaution, the site’s administrators turned off the feature and removed the section of code, which stopped the hackers from continuing their attempted exploit. But unfortunately, it didn’t end Magic Beans’ troubles.

Within minutes, the now angry hackers attacked again, but this time by flooding the site with illegitimate traffic that took it down. Magic Bean’s web host was not very helpful because the traffic flood repeatedly stopped every time they started to investigate. Eventually the attacks ended, but not before the damage was done.

“The idea of having DDoS protection is incredibly comforting”

Feeling powerless after the attack, Mr. Laff realized the predicament called for robust security. For online retailers like Magic Beans, the cost of an in-house solution can mount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. So Magic Beans sought a better alternative. And while there is no such thing as 100 percent uptime, the company was searching for an anti-DDoS solution that could bring it as close as humanly possible to uninterrupted availability.

Nexusguard answers the “Ghostbuster” question

Who you gonna call? Mr. Laff called on Nexusguard to eliminate the stress that constant vigilance against attacks can give rise to, and also to help it face many of the technical challenges that online retailers typically encounter. “You can’t stop every attack, but we no longer have to worry about being killed by one.” So now Magic Beans has far fewer concerns about DDoS attacks and their associated drain on company resources.

And as a bonus, Nexusguard DDoS+ Protection includes SEO Guarantee, a patented technology that allows robots and crawlers from all major search engines to access a site, even if it’s under attack. SEO Guarantee consistently delivers higher quality SEO scores, resulting in more new and returning customers. And speaking of customers, Magic Beans was happy to note that its Black Friday woes were cured by a very healthy Cyber Monday.

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