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Upcoming Events

2022-01-25 00:00:00 To 2022-01-27 00:00:00

Want to learn more about the current state of the Wi-Fi industry? In 2022, the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) will be back face to face and bringing you the latest news, insights and innovation from the world of Wi-Fi for operators and carriers, enterprises, cities and things. The first event of 2022, Wireless Global Congress ASIA PAC, will be taking place in Dubai as a hybrid event in January. Explore the world’s premier event with Nexusguard and network with the senior level decision makers and industry experts from all parts of the Wireless ecosystem.

2021-12-01 00:00:00 To 2021-12-03 00:00:00

Broadcasting on December 1-3, DCD>Virginia will bring together the major players from the global colocation data center ecosystem to discuss the future in-front of and with an anticipated audience of more than 2,000 professionals. Join us to explore the future hold for colocation in a cloud-first world.

All Events

Capacity Asia 2021

30 Nov - 2 Dec 2021
Capacity Asia is the event to meet with the whole connectivity ecosystem from across APAC. By bringing together the ecosystem virtually, this event is your perfect platform to network and stay connected with the ICT infrastructure and connectivity sector across the region and internationally. At this year’s Capacity Asia you can expect to engage in C-level thought-leadership from some of the biggest APAC influencers, connect with us for online networking sessions, 1-2-1 and group meetings, and enjoy the crucial conversations to get your business lined up for 2022 and beyond.

New business dynamics and cybersecurity SaaS strategies for Telcos

17 Nov 2021
Given that the current landscape of increased internet dependence is driven by the pandemic and directly affects the vulnerability of the Telco industry, there has never been a more crucial and appropriate time for Telcos to look into profitable and simplified Security as a Service (SaaS) strategies in this post-pandemic world.

Telecoms World Asia 2021

16 Nov - 17 Nov
Telecoms World Asia is the region's premier conference focused entirely on Asian Telcos and Mobile Operators Networks. This virtual conference will bring together decision makers and senior level executives from international carriers, operators, authorities and Carriers business to discuss and debate the future of Telcos networks, 5G rollout progress, the digitization of Telcos and much more. Act now to register our exciting programs during this annual event, visit our virtual booth, and connect with us for a chance to win an iPad and a $100 Amazon Voucher!

Connected Italy 2021

16 Nov - 17 Nov 2021
Demand for high-capacity digital infrastructure in Italy is accelerating at a rapid pace. Across industries, across the economy, across society, everything is changing as technology plays an increasingly critical role. Underpinning all this change is a new, faster connectivity powered by broadband technologies including fibre and 5G. From the team behind Connected Germany and the award-winning Connected Britain, Connected Italy will be held virtually and broadcast live across the world this year, featuring presentations and panel debates from leading CSPs and connectivity partners across Italy. There will be interactivity, Q&A sessions, and live virtual roundtables. Now's your chance to be part of the conversation. Join us live, all for free, from the comfort of your own home.

Build out your own SOC team with Nexusguard in just 60 days

16 Nov - 17 Nov 2021
Detecting and responding to cyberattacks is difficult and time consuming as they require a significant amount of time and resources for investigating. Most organization’s people, process and technology cannot keep up with evolving cyber threats, odds are that your organization is exposed to a much higher risk, especially if it is short of talent who has the right set of strategies, experience and skills to mitigate the risk. Integrating a first-class and modern Security Operations Center (SOC) team into the overall security strategy therefore is crucial for handling cybersecurity threats, and for acting as a command center for incident management, data collection and analysis.

Skyrocket your cybersecurity with Nexusguard Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform

16 Nov - 17 Nov 2021
With people spending more time than ever before online, the number of potential targets and cyber attacks have skyrocketed. CSPs and ISPs were among the prime targets, suffering more attacks than other sectors. With new attacks and outages posing new challenges for CSPs, how can you leverage Nexusguard’s latest solutions and platforms to tap into the fast-growing DDoS mitigation market in order to increase revenue and competitiveness?

Monetizing cybersecurity services in Telco 4.0 transformation

16 Nov 
The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us. Industry 4.0 is all about the significant transformation and innovation between physical and digital technologies - moving toward industrial automation and flexible manufacturing in a connected environment of big data, people, processes, services, systems and IoT-enabled industrial assets. As physical manufacturing operations cross with cyber processes, cyberattacks can have far more extensive effects than ever before. The telecommunications industry has never been more competitive as it currently sits at the centre of Industry 4.0. In the new era of digital business transformation, cybersecurity strategies should be well-defined, competitive and fully integrated into systems and infrastructure from the start.

Protecting your network from growing cyber security threats

16 Nov 2021
With attackers employing more complex obfuscation techniques, cybersecurity threats are evolving at a rapid rate and becoming more sophisticated, which can leave security teams behind. Leading industry experts, Abubakar Latif, Director, Cyber Security at Batelco, Benny Hu, AVP, Market Development at HGC Global Communications, Binh Vu, CEO at NetNam Corporation, Bechara Kaddoum, Strategic Partnership Manager, Telcos, Telefónica and Donny Chong, Product Director at Nexusguard, are teaming up to bring you an exclusive executive-level discussion covering potential cybersecurity threats and security tips to stay resilient against cyber threats, moderated by Richard Marshall, Chairman, Board of Directors at Cinturion Group.


9 Nov 2021 - 11 Nov 2021
In this virtual conference, DCD will gather operators, technology vendors and design consultants to share their best practical cases and ideas for modernizing the digital infrastructure and managing Data Centers. The expert speakers are coming from various countries who will bring us new perspectives on facilities management and IT operations, and the latest trends in investments, management, edge, cloud and IT infrastructure, and more for the Data Center industry in Brazil. Schedule a meeting today and chat live with us during this irresistible annual conference.

Africa Tech Festival 2021

8 Nov 2021- 12 Nov 2021
Africa Tech Festival 2021 will take place virtually from the 8 - 12 November 2021. Along with its two anchor events, AfricaCom and AfricaTech, Africa Tech Festival is the largest and most influential tech and telecoms event in Africa boasting more than 300 visionary speakers and over 10 premium conference tracks - each with razor-sharp focus, exploring the hottest connectivity and enterprise tech trends. Come meet our cybersecurity experts virtually so we can answer your questions and discuss solutions to your company’s particular challenges.

Paving the way for Telcos: Unlocking the potential of managed cybersecurity services

21 Oct 2021
With the demand for international bandwidth and resolute networks driving telcos into the 5G era, the need for a comprehensive cybersecurity intelligence system will be fundamentally essential to corporate business needs. The significance of mitigating the threat of cybersecurity attacks has never been more critical, especially in the United States. Hence, the need for CSPs to provide managed anti-DDoS solutions becomes an integral part of how companies address their business needs. Join this invite only roundtable and stand a chance to win an exclusive Apple iPad!

Capacity Europe 2021

18 Oct 2021 - 21 Oct 2021
Capacity Europe is back in London, and we can't wait to see you! As we embark on the 21st annual flagship event, Europe’s largest telecoms networking conference and awards will take place in a blended format, meaning you can join us no matter where you are in the world; be it in-person, or online. Engage in C-levels discussions and catch up with our cybersecurity gurus to build new relationships with the businesses driving ICT infrastructure forwards at Capacity Europe 2021!


12 Oct 2021 - 14 Oct 2021
Europe is in the midst of a record-breaking year in terms of data center expansions and developments, both inside and outside of the FLAP-D markets. Whilst the pandemic is still having a strong influence on market activity, the industry now has a heightened sense of urgency to tackle the biggest challenge of the generation. The 20th annual edition of DCD>Europe will bring together the major players from the European data center ecosystem to discuss the future in-front of and with an anticipated audience of more than 2,000 professionals. This series will tell the story of the European edge, map the expansion into tier 3 markets, track the latest technology trends and follow where the investment is flowing, all in the context of the sustainability imperative.


11 Oct 2021 - 14 Oct 2021
With 160+ exhibitors showing off their latest products and services, 90+ panels filled with hundreds of experts helping the WISP ecosystem stay ahead of the competition, and over 2000 WISP community attendees making tons of new contacts, WISPAPALOOZA is the one event that every Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), partner, and customer should be at. This four days event will bring you the great opportunity for networking, learning, and growing your business. Visit our Booth K08 on October 11-14 in Las Vegas for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Voucher, and join us for this most anticipated, jam-packed, fixed wireless event of the year!

Boosting your Telco cybersecurity with DDoS mitigation: Aligning cybersecurity with your corporate business model

7 Oct 2021
Telcos are at an increased risk of DDos attacks. The need to incorporate cybersecurity at the centre of corporate business models is becoming integral. While telcos are digitizing, they must continue to align their transformation goals with their cybersecurity services. As investments in new technologies and digital infrastructure grow, the implications of not having a strong cybersecurity infrastructure are large. Join the webinar to find out how a Telco can combat current threats in the market and ensure a safe space to grow over the next decade.

If you missed the LIVE Webinar, On Demand is now available. Click HERE to watch the meeting on your own time.

Simplifying DDoS: Strategies for Protecting Yourself from the Evolving Cybersecurity Threats

29 Sep 2021
Cyberattacks and Cybersecurity failure are top risks of the next decade. Nexusguard’s Annual Threat Report 2020, a 341% year-over-year increase in the number of DDoS attacks was recorded in March 2019, accounting for around 24% of all attacks in 2020. D​​DoS attacks are ever-increasing in frequency and sophistication, especially since the massive transition to work-from-home for millions around the world caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. What are the best ways to develop an effective DDoS response strategy? How to accelerate your journey to become a next-gen CSP through the latest cybersecurity strategies?

If you missed the LIVE Webinar, On Demand is now available. Click HERE to watch the meeting on your own time.


28 Sep 2021 - 30 Sep 2021
This virtual congress will bring together operators, technology vendors and design consultants to share their best practices and ideas for the modernization of digital infrastructure and data center management, and discuss the latest insights in investments, management, energy, edge, cooling, cloud and IT infrastructure so that we can understand how the growing digitization of different sectors of the economy impacts the Data Center industry in Spain.

DCD>San Francisco

21 Sep 2021 - 23 Sep 2021
With the post-COVID environment generating an explosion in both capacity demand and the carbon footprint for computing at scale, the onus is on the builders of digital infrastructure to find the balance needed to supply the world with cloud hosting and high-density compute - albeit, sustainably. The next decade will also likely see huge growth at the edge overtake the demand for the core data center, further complicating the role which dozens of micro facilities will play in a net-zero future. Broadcasting on September 21-23, DCD>San Francisco will bring together the major players from the global hyperscale data center ecosystem to discuss the future in-front of and with an anticipated audience of more than 2,000 professionals.


15 Sep 2021 - 16 Sep 2021
Enterprise is embracing the era of hybrid infrastructure in order to deliver IT workloads which continue to grow, evolve and fragment. Long-term investment decisions on infrastructure are made in a world where both business needs and technological solutions are transforming rapidly. Effectively managing capacity and operations between on-premise, colocation and cloud is complicated further by very rapid demand growth, resourcing constraints and the relative inexperience of many fast-growing markets. Where next for enterprise data center decision making in a hybrid world? Coming out on September 15-16 , DCD>Asia-Pacific will broadcast some great episodes lined up with global colocation providers, regional experts, investors and more from across the industry. Join us to explore more!

Leaders in Discussion: DDoS Challenges and Cybersecurity Strategies for Carriers

1 Sep 2021
Carriers and ISPs are undergoing a tectonic shift transforming from traditional models delivering data connectivity to becoming technology enablers. The ability to protect their core network and customers from DDoS attacks is critical to their success. What cybersecurity challenges do they face? Why should carriers and service providers deliver managed security services?

Telecoms World Africa 2021

31 Aug 2021
There’s never been a better time for the region’s telecoms industry to come together, share big ideas and learn how to survive and thrive in the future environment. Telecoms World Africa virtually unites leading stakeholders and key decision makers from across the entire telco ecosystem to discuss the current landscape, their growth strategies and how they will invest in their future. Join the virtual event with us and make it your most productive business and networking opportunity of this year.

International Telecoms Week 2021

29 Aug 2021 - 1 Sep 2021
ITW is back and in its new home in National Harbor! Nexusguard is proud to be the Content Sponsor and Exhibitor at International Telecoms Week 2021. We are delighted to be bringing the global ICT Infra industry back together in-person and online for a blended experience that will provide you with even more ways to network and connect with industry leaders attending in-person and logged online. ITW 2021 will be packed with discussions, connections, collaborations and communities from around the globe and we can’t wait to welcome everyone this summer! Meet us at Branded Meeting Room 1002 at the Onsite Exhibition Hall for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Voucher, and join us to be part of the region's digital transformation and innovation story.

Overview of 2020 DDoS Attack Landscape and Forecasting What’s Next: Seven ways for you to overcome DDoS challenges

24 Jun 2021 
Organizations are struggling to provide the highest quality in DDoS protection because they lack the expertise and the tools to deliver results quickly and with precision. DDoS is an ever changing, ever evolving threat that requires dedicated and focused attention. What impact has COVID-19 had on 2020 DDoS attacks and what’s in store for 2021 and 2022? How can organizations protect their assets without having to invest in more capital, people and technology? Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about why Nexusguard is taking not only the CSP market but also a range of other industries by storm.

Digital Infra Leaders Europe

22 Jun 2021 - 24 Jun 2021 
Europe faces a range of connectivity challenges, from driving greater FTTP coverage, meeting ever-growing demand for data centres, and delivering 5G. All of these challenges require serious investment. As digital infrastructure emerges from the pandemic as one of the hottest asset classes, Digital Infra Leaders Europe will provide a platform for investors to meet with, and hear from, digital infrastructure’s most-senior leaders. Through all-access keynotes, CEO panels, invite-only roundtables, and a day dedicated to the UK's connectivity needs, the event will offer a bespoke experience designed for every arm of the industry.

DCD>New York

21 Jun 2021 - 23 Jun 2021 
What kind of IT infrastructure do future enterprise IT workloads need? Where will the enterprise workloads of the future be housed in a post-pandemic world? Broadcasting on June 21-23, DCD>New York will bring together all corners of the enterprise data center ecosystem to discuss its future in-front of and with an anticipated audience of more than 2,500 professionals.

Telecoms World Middle East 2021

15 Jun 2021 - 16 Jun 2021 
Telecoms World Middle East unites leading stakeholders from across the entire telco ecosystem to create insight and to promote collaboration. This two-day virtual event will focus on the strategies, technologies and big ideas that will be essential for telecoms companies in 2021. Join us to get involved with Telecoms World Middle East and make it your most productive business and networking opportunity of the year.

Key Cybersecurity Intelligence For Telco Leaders in 2021

10 Jun 2021 
As we enter the 5G era that drives greater bandwidth & continued network innovation, the need for a comprehensive cybersecurity intelligence system for Telcos is fundamentally essential to their business strategies. The significance of mitigating the threat of cybersecurity attacks has never been more critical. Hence, the need for a practical and simplified DDoS for CSPs becomes an integral part of how companies address their business needs. Join this invite only roundtable and stand a chance to win an exclusive Apple iPad.

Join the Roundtable to explore:
- Evolution of the Cybersecurity and DDoS landscape
- Exploring opportunities (and threats) for Telcos in the current market
- Efficiency and relevance of DDoS mitigation for Telcos
- Delivering DDoS: 100/100 Campaign for Transformational Alliance Program Partners

Capacity Messaging & SMS World 2021

8 Jun 2021- 10 Jun 2021 
SMS has become a resistant form of enterprise communication over the past 12 months due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, creating further momentum towards strengthening and consolidating messaging security solutions. Returning virtually on 8 - 10 June, Capacity Messaging & SMS World is the place to explore the dynamics of the past year and to stay ahead of the industry curve and gain a competitive advantage in this very exciting space.

IFSEC International Connect 2021

1 Jun 2021 - 30 Jun 2021 
Be part of one of the world's largest and most prestigious events for the global integrated security industry. IFSEC International 2021 will be made up of a month-long virtual event - IFSEC Connect in June. Meet leading suppliers of security products from across the entire security supply chain and discover insights and thought leadership from industry experts with multiple content-led panel discussions at IFSEC Connect.

Datacloud Global Congress 2021

1 Jun 2021- 3 Jun 2021 
Datacloud Global Congress is the premier leadership gathering in the ICT space. It focuses on connecting the digital infrastructure ecosystem from data centres, cloud, edge and AI providers. This year it brings the event in an online format with the networking platform which will allow all attendees to mix and connect with the entire global community. Gain access to the world’s most influential players, as they set the vision for future years.

Positioning cybersecurity at the heart of Telco models: Mitigating threats and increased DDoS attacks

27 May 2021 
With the telecoms facing increased security risks with a rise in DDoS attacks, cybersecurity is moving to the forefront of Telco business models. The need for any Telco to not only continue to digitalize, but align their transformation goals with their cybersecurity services, is imperative. As investments in new technologies and digital infrastructure grow, the implications of not having a strong cybersecurity infrastructure are large. Join the following webinar to find out how a Telco can combat current threats in the market and ensure a safe space to grow over the next decade.

Capacity Middle East 2021

18 May 2021 - 19 May 2021
Capacity Middle East 2021 returns to Dubai on 18 & 19 May 2021, to reconnect the community. After a year of virtual networking, Capacity Middle East 2021 will unite the region's key ICT players representing the carrier, cloud, content, digital infrastructure, edge, software, data centre and technology industries. Networking on the virtual platform with us and reconnecting once more.

5GLIVE 2021

18 May 2021 
It’s clear - 5G will be the cornerstone of Industry 4.0. 5GLIVE explores key use cases for next generation mobile across the verticals where it will have the biggest impact. Explore the latest thinking on technology, business models and partnerships to truly understand 5G’s potential for your industry. Join us virtually in May 2021 to explore how 5G will revolutionise vertical markets!

BKNIX Peering Forum 2021

13 May 2021 - 14 May 2021
The 5th BKNIX Peering Forum (BPF 2021) will bring together managers, engineers and business decision makers from both local and international ISPs, IXPs, CDNs, IDCs, Cloud and Interconnection Service Providers for two days of meetings, presentations, and networking events, thus, will provide great opportunities for those who make peering and interconnection decisions for the network. See you at BPF 2021!

DCD>Inside Australia

13 May 2021 
Edge continues to emerge as the foundation of the next era of Australia’s data centre space. But what does a future based around edge look like in Australia and how will it impact key players in the ecosystem - colocation, cloud, enterprise - and demands on facilities, networks and storage? This virtual half-day conference brings together key players who will look at the factors and technologies shaping Australia’s data centre future. Network with our peers on the meeting platform to explore how we can help to enhance your security infrastructure.


12 May 2021 - 15 May 2021 
Celebrating its 20th anniversary, SECON (International Security Exhibition & Conference), the one and only integrated security exhibition in Asia, has established itself as the major international hub of the Asian security market. Do not miss the chance to connect with us and experience cutting edge security solutions of the new post-pandemic paradigm at SECON 2021!

East Africa Com 2021

11 May 2021 -  12 May 2021 
2020 was a truly unique, disruptive and exciting year for African technology and telecoms. Returning as a virtual event this May, East Africa Com will unite the entire East African digital ecosystem over two days of online learning and networking. From enhanced networking opportunities, panel sessions, presentations and pitches, to the latest innovations in tech and telecoms demonstrated and the East Africa Com Awards celebration, you will be sure to meet your business objectives for this year and beyond. Join us for another successful online event.

Digital Week 2021: South Asia

28 Apr 2021 -  30 Apr 2021 
Digital Week 2021: South Asia will be a platform for India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh IT experts from across the country to gather and discuss the future of digital transformation, ICT infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Data Center and cloud technology. Join thousands of your peers to network and get your questions answered from the best minds in the business.

Capacity LATAM 2021

27 Apr 2021 - 29 Apr 2021
Capacity LATAM is the largest and most senior annual event driving future connectivity across the Latin American region. The conference provides a strategic overview of market developments and it is the must attend for regional and global businesses offering meetings of substance, C-level dialogue and access to operations, procurement and sales managers. Connect with us through our dedicated booth and schedule a meeting now.

Cybersecurity - Meeting emerging threats in the Pandemic age

27 Apr 2021 
The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented challenge to operators and enterprises alike. Working from home has changed the nature of enterprise connectivity, from employees on secure to corporate networks to less secure home networks. This increased vulnerability, coupled with the ever-increasing complexity of attacks, means all connectivity providers must address the drastic increase of cybersecurity risks. This session looks at:
- How has the pandemic changed cybersecurity threats?
- How have DDoS attacks have changed over the last year, and how will they continue to evolve?
- What impact do DDoS attacks have on carriers and the customers?
- The challenges faced by carriers in launching cybersecurity services, and how can they be overcome?

Digital Week 2021: Northeast Asia

20 Apr 2021 - 22 Apr 2021 
Digital Week is back! The virtual conference series is returning to cover 5 new markets which gather Northeast Asia's best and brightest for a 3-day virtual conference to cover everything from datacenter deployment to digital banking. Join us and chat live with our cybersecurity experts at the event this April 20-22 and network with 2,000+ Senior IT & Datacenter Leaders across the Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan markets.

Digital Infra Africa 2021

13 Apr 2021 - 15 Apr 2021 
Africa’s first and only pure digital infrastructure event, where innovation meets investment, and change is inspired. Digital Infra Africa unites global leaders in data, cloud, content and carriers to drive digital disruption across the continent. Join us to become a part of the dialogue, become a leader in change and become a pioneer of the future. Request a meeting today and meet us at the virtual meeting platform!

Key challenges in strengthening & upgrading your cybersecurity in the telco ecosystem

25 Mar 2021 - 25 Mar 2021 
The importance of mitigating the thread of cyber security attacks has never been more important. Therefore, as we enter a brand new 5G era with greater bandwidth & continuous innovation, the need for a comprehensive cybersecurity system for telcos is fundamental to businesses strategies. An effective and simplified DDos for CSPs is an integral part of this, helping companies address their business needs. Join the Roundtable to explore the unique challenges and trends for APAC and the relevance and effectiveness on managed DDoS mitigation.

Managing Cyber Security: 2021 Cyber Attacks and How to Mitigate Them

24 Mar 2021 - 24 Mar 2021 
How CSPs in Philippines overcome the 2021 cybersecurity and DDoS threat by managed cybersecurity service? Catch our session to learn about the rising of the cybersecurity threat /attack in Telco and the landscape of the latest DDoS attack and join the discussion on the BSP’s latest demand to urge bank leaders to have zero trust cybersecurity system approach. During this session, we will run real-time Q&A. Join in and ask questions, get answers in our interactive, live chat session.

Digital Week 2021: Southeast Asia

23 Feb 2021 -  26 Feb 2021 
Digital Week 2021: Southeast Asia is assembling ASEAN's best and brightest for a 4-day virtual conference to cover everything from datacenter deployment to digital banking. From 23-26 February, network with 7000+ Senior IT Leaders across the Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand markets. Join today to network with industry peers, hear from thought leaders, and see digital transformation firsthand. You can also visit our interactive chat rooms and schedule a meeting with our Nexusguard team to learn more about how to move up the cybersecurity value chain.


22 Feb 2021 - 4 Mar 2021 
APRICOT 2021 will be held online in partnership with PhNOG, the Philippine Network Operators Group, along with DICT and DOST of the Government of the Philippines. It is planning to offer online technical training running from 22-26 February, while the APRICOT conference itself, incorporating APNIC 51, will run from 1-4 March 2021. Schedule a meeting with our DDoS Protection Gurus to obtain the latest cybersecurity news and expert insights.

What CSPs and ISPs Need to Know About the State of DDoS Today

25 Feb 2021 
A sharp rise in DDoS incidents was observed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers became dependent on online services while working from home became the new norm. The heavy reliance on remote services overwhelmed most Communications Service Providers (CSPs) leading to a surge in DDoS attacks. Join this webinar to gain an insight into what we have learned from 2020 and how you should plan to improve your anti-DDoS solutions in 2021.

DDoS Protection: Methods to Mitigate, Productize and Monetize Security Services

24 Feb 2021 
What are the best practices for mitigating, productizing and monetizing security services? Why should CSPs be looking at productizing and monetizing DDoS? Join our webinar with our VP of Sales, Xenophon Giannis, and Cybersecurity Specialist, Alex Hisa for a discussion on the methods of mitigation and solutions to improve overall customer experience, and the best options for CSPs to protect themselves.

Nexusguard Virtual Trivia Night

23 Feb 2021 
Join us on Tuesday, 23 February 2021, 19:00 (EST) during Metro Connect USA 2021 for our Nexusguard Virtual Trivia event. Are you full of useful knowledge from fun facts and tech-savvy topics to pop culture and current trends? Grab your thinking caps as you are cordially invited to join Nexusguard for a fun evening of virtual trivia. Sign up now to create your individual team name. Nexusguard virtual trivia night is free to join and the winner will receive an iPad.

What CSPs and ISPs Need to Know About the State of DDoS Today

22 Feb 2021 
What is the state of DDoS Today for CSPs and ISPs? How has the impact of Covid-19 affected the state of DDoS today, and what is the direction of DDoS attacks and latest trends? You’re invited to join our webinar with Nexusguard cybersecurity and DDoS security solutions expert panellists who will discuss how best to select DDoS product solutions to meet your customers’ needs. What are the best practices for marketing, implementing and productizing DDoS managed services to help you acquire new customers? Join our discussion to learn more!

Metro Connect USA 2021

22 Feb 2021 - 25 Feb 2021 
Nexusguard is excited to return to Metro Connect USA 2021 Virtual as a Gold Sponsor. You’re invited to join our virtual meeting room to Register for our Metro Connect USA 2021 virtual events, and at the same time you can schedule a meeting with our experienced Nexusguard Sales team to discuss which DDoS mitigation solutions best fit into your overall security strategy. Inside our virtual booth you can also access our Threat Reports, watch informative video demonstrations, chat live with our Nexusguard team, register for the three hosted Webinars this week, and also participate in our Nexusguard Virtual Trivia Night for a chance to win an ipad!

Webinar | CSPs DDoS Mitigation 101: Deploying, Productizing and Monetizing Security Service

28 Jan 2021 
The simple fact is, CSPs need more DDoS protection to help safeguard the connectivity and service uptime of customer networks - the growing threat of DDoS attacks and rising expectation of customers means they can no longer simply rely on traditional methods such as blackholing or rate limiting. Deployment of a scalable and automated DDoS mitigation solution can greatly help prevent CSPs from losing customers and revenue, minimize the impact of SLA downtime, and protect their reputation. Engage with our cybersecurity gurus to gain insight into the latest DDoS attack trends going into 2021 and learn how to turn DDoS pain into gain.

Webinar | 10 Ways for CSPs to leverage DDoS services to attract new customers and increase existing revenue

20 Jan 2021 
Join our webinar where you will to hear insights on the following:
- Solutions to improve overall customer experience, and total network uptime
- Understanding of current cyber threats and how to protect against them
- Different ways ISP and USP companies can protect themselves and why it’s so important

Webinar | CSPs DDoS Mitigation 101: Deploying, Productizing and Monetizing Security Service

18 Jan 2021 
Join us for a fireside chat with our VP of Sales, Xenophon Giannis, and Senior Sales Director, Alex Hisa to hear more about the latest trends and insights going into 2021 at “CSPs DDoS Mitigation 101: Deploying, Productizing and Monetizing Security Service”, including:
- How to select a DDoS product solution that meets your customers’ needs
- Best Practice for productizing, marketing and implementing DDoS managed services to acquire new customers quickly
- Secrets and tips from DDoS Gurus

PTC’21: New Realities

17 Jan 2021 - 20 Jan 2021  
We’re returning to PTC’21: New Realities in January. Make sure you don’t miss out on this annual Conference and the chance to meet global industry leaders. Register for our PTC’21 virtual events and schedule a meeting to discuss how DDoS mitigation solutions fit into your overall security strategy. Below are the opportunities throughout the Conference to connect with Nexusguard. Let’s ride the virtual waves together at PTC’21!

1. Nexusguard Virtual Networking Lounge
2. Nexusguard Hosted Virtual Events
3. Nexusguard Virtual Trivia Night

Webinar | Securing the New Norm: The Rise of Open Integrations

29 Oct 2020  
Digitalization in businesses mean we need to protect the network at scale. Join Fortinet’s webinar “Securing the New Norm: The Rise of Open Integrations”, featuring guest speaker Donny Chong, Product Director of Nexusguard, to find out how you can leverage the Fabric Alliance to win deals in the New Norm.

Webinar | Future DDoS Trends and Mitigation Strategies in 2020 and Beyond

21 Oct 2020  
How has the DDoS landscape changed and how is it evolving? As a service provider how can you develop a comprehensive and actionable plan to both mitigate DDoS attacks and monetize your Anti-DDoS solution - retaining existing customers and adding new ones? Please join us for an exclusive Virtual Roundtable that will draw from the experiences of the attendees, offering thoughts on new approaches and best practices relevant to CSP/ISPs to meet current challenges.

Webinar | Understanding the Life Cycle of a DDoS Attack

16 Oct 2020  
With the new normal as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there is a surge on the use of online services. Availability and security of these services should be the topmost priority to ensure business continuity and achieve its targets. In the past six months, Nexusguard and Netpluz witnessed the rise in online threats and DDoS attacks. Given this, these two Companies can provide services to mitigate the threats and reduce the risk of service outages. In this webinar, we will discuss the DDoS life cycle which will help us understand the basic function of a Security Operations Center specializing in DDoS mitigation. Join this webinar to discover DDoS threat intelligence review and experience hands-on learnings to build your in-demand cybersecurity practitioner profile.

Webinar | 轉危為機 - 共同探索企業組織的資安防禦變革機遇

15 Oct 2020  
Co-organized by So-net Taiwan and Nexusguard, the live webinar will give you all the opportunity to discuss the latest trend of DDoS attacks around the world, especially in Taiwan. We will analyze the challenges posed by DDoS attacks, as well as provide feasible plans to handle such increasingly serious security issues. Through live demonstrations of DDoS attack and defence strategies and sharing of customer examples, we will also exchange ideas on how to reduce the impact of DDoS attacks with efficient and customized anti-DDoS products, as well as how to turn crises into opportunities, and gain more value for the company.

Securing Philippine Government Online Application using the security standard

25 Aug 2020- 26 Aug 2020  
It's an honour to collaborate with the Philippine Government to provide training on web security applications in line with Anti-Red Tape Authority’s (ARTA) Bayanihan E-Governance initiative to build a better tomorrow through digital transformation.

Virtual Roundtable | Preparing for the Inevitable: DDoS Trends and Mitigation Strategies

13 Aug 2020  
Starting and maintaining an Anti-DDoS service is both expensive and challenging. This webinar will explore and detail the changing face of DDoS attacks and what you can do about them, quickly and affordably. The webinar will provide service provider attendees with a comprehensive and actionable plan to both mitigate DDoS attacks and monetize your Anti-DDoS solution while retaining key customers and attracting new customers to your network and services.

Virtual Roundtable | Future DDoS Trends and Mitigation Strategies in 2020 and Beyond

6 Aug 2020  
For a CSP/ISP, providing an effective DDoS service to customers can be prohibitively expensive when you factor in costs like integration, productization, support and training. Going beyond technology, a contemporary DDoS mitigation service must address effectiveness, scalability, and affordability. Please join us for an exclusive Virtual Roundtable that will draw from the experiences of the attendees, offering thoughts on new approaches and best practices relevant to CSP/ISPs to meet current challenges.

Webinar | Doing business in the new normal. Are you ready for the next pandemic?

20 Jul 2020  
Business Continuity Management is a holistic management process that identifies potential impacts that threaten an organization and provides a framework for building resilience and the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value creating activities. We will share the best business continuity practices for organizations to boost resilience and cope with the new business normal. 

Webinar | DDoS Life Cycle

25 Jun 2020  
We will share about the practices that we do within the Security Operations Center to enlighten our audience on what is really happening day in and day out. On how a Network Security Analyst approaches an event regardless of what type of attack will be encountered. Learn from our SOC playbooks derived from our Nexusguard Certified Security Analyst (NCSA) course.

APRICOT 2020 | Crown Promenade Melbourne, Australia

18 Feb 2020 To 21 Feb 2020
APRICOT 2020 will bring together Internet engineers and networking experts, government representatives, Internet business leaders and other interested parties from around the world to contribute to the discussions on Internet operations, technologies and development. Look out for Nexusguard at Booth #13 and request a meeting with us. Let’s connect!

Metro Connect USA 2020 | Nobu Hotel Eden Roc, Miami

10 Feb 2020 To 12 Feb 2020
Bringing together C-suite executives and experts from across the US communications infrastructure industry, Metro Connect USA is a truly unique, extraordinary conference for industry players like you. Come to our booth #10 or meet us at Meeting Room #451! Don’t forget to drop your card into the lucky draw box and get a chance to win an iPad!

ICE Totally Gaming 2020 | ExCeL London, United Kingdom

4 Feb 2020 To 6 Feb 2020
ICE Totally Gaming 2020 event is right around the corner. We will be making a major comeback to ICE London as we prepare to expand the global brand awareness and footprint. We would love to meet with you to discuss a security strategy for protecting your brand and as well as your gaming environment, earning potential and customers, whilst improving web and mobile application performance. Visit Nexusguard at Booth N9-630.

PTC’20 | Honolulu, Hawaii

19 Jan 2020 To 22 Jan 2020
We’re returning to Hawaii in Jan 2020 for PTC’20. All the industry leaders are coming, make sure you don’t miss out. Schedule an appointment and have a great chat with us at our Cabana #4!

9th Brazilian Internet Infrastructure Week | São Paulo, Brazil

9 Dec 2019 To 13 Dec 2019
In just one, tightly packed week, CGI.br and NIC.br will host three important events dedicated to connectivity providers aiming to discuss Brazilian Internet's infrastructure problems and solutions - IX Forum 13, Joint Meeting GTER/GTS, and NIC.br Tutorials. Book now to secure your meeting slot with our security expert and visit our booth at IX Forum for more.

Africa Com 2019 | CTICC, Cape Town

12 Nov 2019 To 14 Nov 2019
Set to take place in Cape Town during 12-14 November 2019, AfricaCom is Africa’s largest industry event dedicated to telcos, media organizations and tech firms, bringing together 15,000 attendees, 450 speakers and 500 exhibitors. Drop by our booth at #E82C to see our DDoS protection solutions in action and to chat with our security experts.

Africa 2019 GCCM | The President Hotel, Cape Town

10 Nov 2019 To 11 Nov 2019
Understanding devastating security threat trends helps you prepare for a new wave of cybercrimes. Our security experts will share recommendations at the Africa 2019 GCCM on how to protect your infrastructure from stealthy and complex DDoS attacks that are outside of your in-house security’s knowledge and control Join us for this informative and exciting discussion.

Peering Asia 3.0 | Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

6 Nov 2019 To 7 Nov 2019
Cybersecurity is shifting toward more distributed and dynamic models. Meet our professional cyber experts at Peering Asia 3.0 to learn more about defensive tactics through hands-on demos and gain an insight on the latest trends, challenges and opportunities network service providers and enterprises are facing. Be prepared and plan your cybersecurity strategy today!

Myanmar Conference 2019 | Office No.2, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

26 Sep 2019
Network security is at the forefront of concern for government agencies, telecom operators, and enterprises. While Myanmar has one of the fastest growing internet populations in the world, it is facing significant cyberthreats. The country’s readiness for cyberattacks especially DDoS attacks is considered to be in its infancy. Organised by The Ministry of Transport and Communications, Nexusguard, Asia Innov8 and Secure Link, this conference covers the ever-changing market conditions allowing you to make more informed decisions going forward.

HKNOG 8.0 | Regus Conference Centre, Hong Kong

6 Sep 2019  
At HKNOG 8.0, Donny Chong, Product & Marketing Director at Nexusguard will talk about the recent DDoS attack trends and predictions in Hong Kong, and explore a new breed of stealthy network attacks designed to evade traditional detection methods and target ASN-level networks as a way to cause outages to downstream tenants. Join our presentation to discover how to effectively detect and mitigate DDoS attacks and deliver clean traffic to customers.

LATAM 2019 GCCM | Hilton São Paulo Morumbi, Brazil

20 Aug 2019 To 21 Aug 2019
We will be participating in an exclusive wholesale telecom operator and service provider event –LATAM 2019 GCCM in São Paulo. Wanna get some tips on preventing network attacks and join us for some networking in a relaxed atmosphere? Request a meeting now and meet us at LATAM 2019 GCCM to get valuable tips on thwarting network attacks.

Protect Networks and Downstreams from DDoS Attacks Conference | Koshi Hall, Marriott Hotel, Naxal Kathmandu, Nepal

26 Jul 2019 
Organized by Information Technology Security Emergency Response Team, Nepal (ITSERT-NP) and Nexusguard, and supported by Nepal Internet Foundation, the conference “Protect Networks and Downstreams from DDoS Attacks” will reveal Nexusguard’s latest findings on the cyberthreats in Asia and the country’s DDoS attack landscape as well as the networks frequently targeted.

PAGE 2019 | SMX Convention Center Manila, Philippines

12 Jun 2019 To 14 Jun 2019
PAGE (Phil-Asian Gaming Expo) 2019 event is right around the corner. If you're attending PAGE from Jul 12-14, we would love to meet with you to discuss a security strategy for protecting your gaming environment and that of your customers. Visit Nexusguard at Booth #2376 | PAGE 2019.

Data Center Dynamic - Shanghai | Shanghai Tower Conference Center, China

25 Jun 2019  
DCD-Shanghai brings together the leading experts in the data center and cloud infrastructure eco-systems in both China and worldwide to offer information and insight on decisions relating to digital infrastructure which will help maintain and build competitive advantage. Meet Nexusguard at DCD>Shanghai to learn how to protect your networks and downstreams from DDoS Attack.

ITW 2019 | Hyatt Regency & Marriott Marquis

23 Jun 2019 To 26 Jun 2019
Nexusguard will be attending ITW 2019 during 23-26 Jun. We offer a range of DDoS mitigation solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSP) to address the needs for infrastructure protection and help their organizations move up the value chain in a more competitive marketplace. Schedule a meeting today to explore how we can help you with your transformation into an integrated CSP.

Data Center Dynamic - Indonesia | Hotel Muila Senayan Jakarta, Indonesia

19 Jun 2019  
Nexusguard protects Communication Service Providers (CSP) from DDoS attacks and ensures uninterrupted internet service, visibility, optimization and performance. We understand the cybersecurity and challenges you face in your role. We will be exhibiting in DCD Indonesia 2019 (Booth no.19) and would like to share some tips on thwarting network attacks.If you would like to set up a time slot for us to discuss your cybersecurity concerns, please let me know. Hope to see you soon!


5 Jun 2019 To 7 Jun 2019
Relying on legacy anti-DDoS solutions such as cleanpipe service to customers is far from enough. Meet Nexusguard at ABRINT2019 to learn about the next generation of DDoS mitigation solutions.

Teleoms World Asia 2019 | Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Center, Bangkok

25 Mar 2019 To 27 Mar 2019
At Nexusguard, we understand the DDoS and cybersecurity challenges Communication Service Providers (CSP) face in their role. We will be at Telecoms World Asia 2019 and would like to share some tips on thwarting network attacks.

G2E Asia 2019 | The Venetian Macao, Macau

21 Mar 2019 To 23 Mar 2019
G2E Asia 2019 in the Venetian Macao is around the corner. Wanted to learn more about, get strategic advice and have this customized to fit your business strategies? Drop by the Booth A1801 (Hall B Entrance) in between 21st to 23rd May for a quick catch-up session with our teams.

RSA 2019 | Moscone Center, San Francisco

4 Mar 2019 To 8 Mar 2019
Nexusguard InfraProtect is architected to protect Communication Service Provider's infrastructure and network assets from the most potent and increasingly stealthy DDoS attacks. Reserve a private meeting with our engineers to explore how you can protect your infrastructure and network.

APRICOT 2019 | Daejeon Convention Center, South Korea

25 Feb 2019 To 28 Feb 2019
Nexusguard, the only MSSP specialized in DDoS mitigation, will be participating in APRICOT 2019 and would like to extend a personal invitation to you. Act now and request a meeting to find out how to turn these challenges into opportunities.

NANOG 75 | Hyatt Regency, San Francisco

18 Feb 2019 To 20 Feb 2019
Our engineers will be participating NANOG 75 during 18-20 Feb. Come visit our booth at Beer n Gear session for some refreshment and a great chat!

PTC'19 | Honolulu, Hawaii

20 Jan 2019 To 23 Jan 2019
Join Nexusguard at PTC 2019 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Learn about our latest white-label DDoS Protection offering for Service Providers, Telecoms and more.

ICT Reseller Channel Summit 2018 | Centara Sandy Beach Resort, Da Nang, Vietnam

4 Dec 2018 To 6 Dec 2018
Nexusguard will be at the ICT Reseller Channel Summit (Booth no.1) from 4 - 6 Dec at Da Nang. Request a meeting today to find out how you can transform challenges into opportunities with the Nexusguard Partner.

Capacity Asia 2018 | Conrad Hong Kong, HONG KONG

4 Dec 2018 To 6 Dec 2018
Communication Service Providers can now rely on InfraProtect, our new solution architected to protect their infrastructure and network assets from the most potent and increasingly stealthy DDoS attacks. Schedule a private meeting with us at the upcoming Capacity Asia 2018 to learn more about the solution, features and deployment.

Capacity Europe 2018 | The O2, London, United Kingdom

22 Oct 2018 To 25 Oct 2018
For a Communications Service Provider, the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack problem affects not only a customer under attack, but it also affects their entire network. Our Transformational Alliance Partner team can't wait to meet you at Capacity Europe. Feel free to drop by Room 1043 and from there, we can discuss and with a aim of helping you with your journey towards transforming into a next-gen CSP capable of providing best-in-class DDoS mitigation service.

GITEX 2018 | Dubai World Trade Centre

14 Oct 2018 To 18 Oct 2018
Nexusguard will be in this year's GITEX and is here to empower your business with the people, technology and processes necessary to offer best-in-class DDoS protection service for your customers and establish your business as a leader in Cyber Security solutions. Schedule a meeting with us today to explore how you can grow your business and generate new revenue streams by leveraging our expertise in building next-generation security products.

Cloud Expo Asia 2018 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

10 Oct 2018 To 11 Oct 2018
Nexusguard is taking you to a SOC environment and putting up a live demo of how vulnerable a web service could be without protection and how to combat DDoS attacks in a real-world setting. Sign up now to take part in this exciting DDoS attack experience session. See you soon in Booth M38.

Cyber Security: Data Governance and Transformation Success Forum | Hilton Singapore, Singapore

8 Oct 2018 To 9 Oct 2018
Join marcus evans' Cyber Security 2-day forum, is gathering CIOs, CISOs and IT divisions worldwide in Singapore to address critical issues in compliance, threat intelligence and high-level cyber security strategy. The region’s leaders will be sharing their insights and best practices on critical areas in data integrity, cyber compliance, boardroom buy-in, zero-day, anti-hacker, productivity versus security and much more.

ITW 2018 | Hyatt Regency & Swissôtel Chicago

6 May 2018 To 9 May 2018
Meet our cybersecurity specialists at ITW to learn the DDoS revolution for Communication Service Providers. Explore Nexusguard’s carrier-grade DDoS protection solution and partnership program.

ICE Totally Gaming 2018 | ExCel, London

6 Feb 2018 To 8 Feb 2018
Meet our security experts at ICE Totally Gaming 2018. We are here to assist iGaming operators and service providers to properly architect their cybersecurity strategy against DDoS threats.

PTC'18 | Honolulu, Hawaii

21 Jan 2018 To 24 Jan 2018
Meet our cybersecurity specialists at PTC! Explore our latest white-label DDoS Protection offering for Service Providers, Telecoms and more. Reserve your time with us today.

GovWare 2017 | Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore

19 Sep 2017 To 21 Sep 2017 
At the upcoming GovernmentWare 2017 (GovWare 2017), Nexusguard is going to take you to a real battlefield by putting up a live demo of how vulnerable a web service could be without protection and how to defend against cyber criminals.

Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong 2017 | HKCEC, Hong Kong

24 May 2017 To 25 May 2017
Is your cybersecurity protection able to protect your website, application and DNS from such volumetric and complicated DDoS attack for 3 days? Talk to our cyber security experts on how to secure your digital uptime while maximizing the web performance.

G2E Asia 2017 | The Venetian Macao, Macau

16 May 2017 To 18 May 2017 
9 in 10 online gaming sites troubled with DDoS attacks. Nexusguard's team of cybersecurity experts stand ready to help you establish protection for your business and revenue.

BKNIX Peering Forum | VIE Hotel, Bangkok

15 May 2017 To 16 May 2017 
Topic: Network Security: DDoS Attack Trend and Defense Strategy Speaker: Donny Chong, Product Director Session: May 16, 1:30 - 2:00 pm

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