24 May, 2022

DDoS attacks decreased in 2021, still above pre-pandemic levels

The study from Nexusguard also found that average attack size decreased, while maximum attack size increased threefold. As part of Nexusguard’s “DDoS Statistical Report for 2021”, it was found that despite the rate of DDoS attacks falling from 2020 to 2021, the number of attacks ...
18 September, 2019

Researchers said a new defense system is fueling a wave of DNS amplification attacks

Researchers from cybersecurity firm Nexusguard said they saw a 1000% increase in DNS amplification attacks in the last three months. In their "Q2 2019 Threat Report", Nexusguard analysts Tony Miu, Ricky Yeung and Dominic Li attributed the huge spike in attacks to the widespread ...
12 January, 2018

NTP amplification attacks are skyrocketing

A tidal wave of mega-powerful DDoS using hijacked IoT devices is headed for enterprise companies, SMBs, and government organizations says Nexusguard product director Donny Chong.   Interview: https://www.techrepublic.com/videos/ntp-amplification-attacks-are-skyrocketing/
26 July, 2017

Expect bigger and more complex DDoS attacks

Nexusguard's CTO Juniman Kasman explains how the hybrid cloud helps cybersecurity firms differentiate between legitimate traffic and fake IP addresses used for denial of service attacks.   Interview: ...
8 February, 2017

Everything old is new again: Experts predict a flood of denial-of-service attacks

As IoT goes mainstream Mirai-style denial-of-service botnet attacks are escalating, and hackers are targeting health care companies, financial services, and the government.   The hottest trend in cyberattacks is an archaic and simplistic hacker tool. Propelled by the rise of ...
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