11 October, 2021

How new attacks and outages are posing new challenges for CSPs

Last year was a banner year for cybercriminals. When the Covid-19 pandemic forced people to stay home, they turned to the Internet for work, social connections and entertainment. With people spending more time than ever before online, the number of potential targets -- and ...
22 July, 2020

DDoS attacks saw huge rise during lockdown

Compared to late last year, the number of DDoS attacks surged by more than 500 percent.   The first half of a year is usually considered off season for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which is why security experts from Nexusguard were surprised to see a surge in Q1 ...
19 December, 2019

DNS attacks saw huge rise in 2019

DNS amplification attacks have grown 4,788 per cent in the third quarter of 2018.   A new Nexusguard Threat Report claims that Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) are still the main growth drivers for the attacks, but adds that there has been a “sharp rise” in TCP ...
25 June, 2019

DDoS for hire attacks on the rise

DDoS attacks as a service have kicked off the year stronger than ever.   DDoS attacks as a service have kicked off 2019 stronger than ever, according to a new report by Nexusguard, claiming the booter-originated attacks more than doubled their amounts compared to the fourth ...
22 January, 2019

Small-scale DDoS attacks are on the rise

Spreading tiny parts of junk traffic across a wide range of IP addresses can wreak havoc, while avoiding detection.   A new type of DDoS attacks has emerged, and it targets communications service providers (CSP). According to security firm Nexusguard, cybercriminals attack the ...
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